#10 to #1: Fueled by Just One Thing (EKG)

#10 to #1: Fueled by Just One Thing (EKG)

by Tracy Johnson

It’s happened before, and it will happen again. In fact, we are certain that we have several clients in the process of making it happen at this very moment.

Dramatic ratings gains, such as Doubling Your Ratings, or growing from #10 to #1 is not as complex as you think. In fact, it’s usually simply leveraging the power of the one thing, a radio adaptation of the concepts detailed by Gary Keller in the book, The One Thing.

The idea is to find that one feature you’re really great at. Focus on it, develop it, curate it as a meaningful brand and make it famous.

Life Cycle of The One Thing

Here’s how it worked for one of our clients:

Screenshot 2015-07-18 16.26.54


When the feature began, the show was #10. Three months later, we had already grown to #5. At this point, the feature was getting buzz with our cume, and we thought it was a hit. So we tested it. Results were positive, giving us the confidence in the next few weeks to increase the profile to become an hourly feature.

Almost like magic, the station popped to #3, then #1. That’s the power of one great feature!

What’s your one? Maybe it’s a relationship feature, or a game, or Tough Love segment. Maybe it’s prank calls, like this:



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