Content Kryptonite Tune Out #4: Anatomy of a Great Break: Tough Love

Content Kryptonite Tune Out #4: Anatomy of a Great Break: Tough Love

by Tracy Johnson

Now here’s what breaks should look like. In Content SuperHero, we show a graph that looks like an EKG. It displays listener attention and interest. the greater the engagement, the higher the line on the graph.

This is a feature called Tough Love. A general life question is asked, and answered with a snappy, unexpected response from Siri, the voice of the iPhone.

  • The hook is immediate. There’s no chit-chat. They get right into it. The setup is clear and easy to understand. Notice how quickly interest spikes. And sustains!
  • Total length: 40 seconds, and all of it strong. All well above the music line, the average score of songs tested. In other words, 100% of this break is better than the song the station could have been playing.
  • There’s no loss of momentum. It keeps moving forward with several mini-payoffs (breadcrumbs) dropped along the way.
  • Best of all, there’s zero tune out. Not one person on the panel pushed the red button on their dial indicating that they’d look for something else.

This segment is prepared, planned, and tight. Just 40 seconds of focused funny that gets out at a high point with a payoff!

Tough Love is a great feature that could fit on just about any radio show. You can get more information on it here.