Make Them Laugh

Make Them Laugh

by Tracy Johnson

In Content Superhero, we’ve shown a lot of elements that can help you on your path to #1. But the most popular question we’ve had is a simple one:

What is the most important thing we can do to attract an audience?

The answer is simple, and it’s clear: Make them laugh.

Just as we’re looking for relationships that make us smile, laugh and have a great time, listeners seek the same from air talent.

In fact, nothing beats funny on the air. It covers a multitude of shortcomings.

But it has to be truly funny. Not just a air talent that thinks they’re funny, or are funny only to each other. And truly funny is a rare characteristic.

And it has to be naturally funny, not forced funny. Or contrived funny.

Here are actual quotes from listeners responding to the question, “What do you want from a radio personality?”

I want someone with personality and a sense of humor. I need to smile, especially in the morning

What make me listen? Make me laugh. But don’t be a dick. Be funny, clever, quick.

Can you succeed with a show that isn’t funny? Yes. Of course. But not like you can with funny.