Perspective Is Everything

Perspective Is Everything

by Tracy Johnson

When developing topics on the air, nothing matches perspective. It’s everything. It makes the difference between shows. And finding perspective requires time spent in preparation. There really aren’t any shortcuts.

Check out this EKG graphic of the moment-by-moment responses from actual listeners:

EKG Chum Entertainment-TV SHows


This break is the entertainment report on a very popular (as in, #1) radio station. It scores moderately well immediately, but the real point of interest is obvious. It spikes. So, what happened in this break that caused the audience to suddenly become highly engaged?

They added their perspective on the topic of cheating. This was in response to facts presented about a celebrity.

Then they talk about what’s on TV tonight…more facts…and the audience responded with a yawn.

This takes talent, of course, but it also demands an investment in preparation. Most shows spend either: a) too much time in preparation, and the show comes off sounding stiff and rehearsed or scripted, or b) too little time, and it’s spontaneous, but sloppy and poorly defined.

In Content Superhero, we talk often about doing fewer things with greater focus. You might thinking that makes this job easy. But it’s not. It’s about putting more time, effort and resources into building fewer things and making them bigger. That has tremendous leverage. It pays off.


When one of our clients embraced this concept, talent found that it actually added about almost two hours per day to their prep time. Curating content to fit the show’s personality takes time.