Yes, You Can Double Your Ratings

Yes, You Can Double Your Ratings

by Tracy Johnson

No, I’m not selling you a magic, “get rich quick” plan. But realize that driving ratings may not be as impossible to as you think.

Follow along as we do a little math. According to Nielsen (in PPM measured markets), a typical station’s P1 listeners tune in an average of just over 2 days per week. Each listening occasion lasts 7 to 9 minutes. They tune in about 3 times per day. So here’s the first math equation that matters:

2 days/week x 3 times per day = 6 quarter hours/week

Here’s how you can Double Your Ratings:

The Power of +1

What if you could convince your existing audience to listen just one more time per day and one more day per week?

3 days/week x 4 times per day = 12 quarter hours/week

You have just doubled your ratings from 6 quarter hours per week to 12.

How does that change the way you approach your show tomorrow? Maybe you’ll spend a few more minutes preparing a tease for an upcoming feature. Does it make you more interested in promoting a new song your station is playing? How about planning your show a few days ahead, so you can invite listeners to tune in the next day at the same time for a specific reason? Will you re-think that morning show promo that runs all day instead of just slapping together another “if you missed this morning’s show, you missed this” promo.

Realizing that the audience is not paying that much attention may also influence how you plan each break. Every break is important. Every quarter hour is precious. You don’t have the luxury to present anything less then your “A” game.


The math is simple. Of course, simple is not necessarily easy. But when you break it down, the challenge isn’t quite as overwhelming, is it?

Start now. Plan one thing in tomorrow’s show that has a legitimate chance to earn one extra tune in occasion. Promote that. Tease. it. Develop multiple angles or a compelling story line to increase your chances to gain an advantage.

One extra quarter hour. One extra day. That’s all it takes.

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