One of the questions answered in the Content Superhero series is:

What’s more important: Great content or personality?

As in most things, the real answer is both. Balance. It’s the combination of great content delivered by high profile, well loved talent.

In this break, the legendary morning show Roger, Darren & Marilyn on CHUM-FM in Toronto are delivering an entertainment report. Listen and watch what happens:


Notice how the break starts a bit slowly. It’s informational and they don’t care about the story. This is a weak hook, but it was a worthwhile investment because it was necessary for where it’s going.

It takes off when the talent interacts.

This story in the entertainment update is common. IT’s not even interesting. It’s about Fred Willard! But that doesn’t really matter nearly as much as what they DO with it. The perspective in which it’s presented.

It’s not about the content. That’s just a prop for their the fun they’re having with each other. And that fun is contagious. Perspective causes tune in.