One reason they tune out is that they don’t get what you’re talking about and feel excluded from much of your content. That’s because they aren’t listening nearly as much as we think, let alone as much as we’d like.

So how little do they listen?

Your best listeners miss 95.5% of your show. We show you the details of this in Chapter 1: Content Kryptonite.

But think about that. You have very few chances to make an impact, so you have to make the most of every opportunity. Every single break matters.

It also represents a tremendous opportunity. Since they listen for such short periods of time, every show can double ratings. Without a million dollar ad campaign or even attracting a single new listener. It’s simple! If each existing listener tunes in just one more quarter hour per day, and one more day per week, your ratings will double. Get the details on how that works here.

It’s that simple. Not easy, but absolutely simple. Attention is a precious thing that must be protected and nurtured. That’s why minimizing tune-out is the first and most important chapter in Content SuperHero.

Never waste a break! When you bore listeners, it’s easy to tune out and go elsewhere. And when you fail to plan for active engagement in each break, they bore easily. Don’t miss an opportunity to deliver that one more occasion that doubles your ratings.

In Content Kryptonite: What Causes Tune Out, we demonstrate that gaining audience attention is difficult, as listeners actually listen very little. And a major barrier to gaining that attention is when they don’t understand what we’re talking about.

Of course, that’s why each break must be well explained and set up properly.

It’s also why every break absolutely must be self-contained.

That doesn’t mean you can’t stretch a topic across multiple breaks, but multi-break content is difficult to sustain because the audience turns over so frequently. Some physically punch the button and others simply have the radio on in the background.

When extending topics, consider each individual break to be an episode in the series. It must stand on it’s own, but those who hear the rest of the series get added benefits.

An even greater challenge is managing story arcs from day to day. The average P1 tunes in their favorite station just 2.3 days per week. And most aren’t invested enough in the content to follow across multiple days.

It can be done, but there’s an art to doing it properly. When executed well, you create a chain. Each link strong, but the chain itself is strongest because of the individual links working together.