Content Kryptonite – What Causes Tune Out?

Chapter 1

Content Kryptonite – What Causes Tune Out?

The radio industry agrees that Content is King. But what does that mean? Nobody has defined it.

Until now.

Our series of three training clinics is based on research conducted by Strategic Radio Systems (SRS). With hundreds of research projects and tens of thousands of listeners, you’ll get a clear, specific and actionable set of discoveries that will change your approach to personality radio.

It’s the ultimate blend of art meeting science.

Content Kryptonite: What Causes Tune Out.

The fastest way to increase ratings is to reduce tune-out. We’ll show you six things that send listseners racing for the scan button. You’re probably guilty of at least three of them.

You’ll see actual listeners reacting to content, revealing the exact moments that cause a personality break to go from great to poor. 

Content Kryptonite is perfect for:

Management: Does your team understand what drives listeners away? Now there’s conclusive data that you can use to direct your company, cluster and staff.

Programmers: You’ll have a firm foundation to coach talent and explain the importance of detail. And, you’ll answer the eternal question: “When is it too much talk?”

Personalities: Listeners are brutal, and they are quick to tune out for other options. We’ll show you when you’d be better off playing another song or moving on. It’s a wake up call for some, exciting for others.

You can’t afford to miss Content Superhero.

About the series: The research conducted covers all critical demographics (male and female, ages 15-54) and applies to all formats, music oriented and spoken word. The research was conducted across multiple countries and cultures.

In other words: Everything in Content Superhero applies to your country, your company, your market(s), your cluster, your station, your show and your personalities.

It’s a can’t miss series of training clinics that will give you a competitive advantage.

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Downloadable Resources

Content Superhero is the result of hundreds of research projects, evaluating thousands of pieces of audio with tens of thousands of listeners in all formats. We test actual breaks with actual listeners, tracking response moment by moment. We know when attention is earned and when it is lost.- and why Content Superhero is a joint venture of Tracy Johnson Media Group and Strategic Radio Solutions.

What You'll Learn:

  • Six specific elements that cause listeners to tune out…and what to do about it.
  • Why listeners are confused, and how that holds you back.
  • How to capture attention-and why you lose it.
  • The danger of multi-break content.
  • They don’t listen for long periods. You know that, but what does that really mean for personalities?
  • What happens when a break bogs down in too much detail?
  • You’ll be shocked at how quickly you lose attention once you have it.
  • Multiple voices on the radio: When does it work against you?
  • Sharing content from your personal life-A good thing or a bad thing?