Content Superpowers – What Causes Tune In?

Chapter 2

Content Superpowers – What Causes Tune In?

In Chapter 1 of the Content Superhero series, we showed you six specific things that cause listeners to tune out. That’s key in growing your ratings and fans. But it’s defensive.

Superheroes are pro-active.

Chapter 2: Content SuperPowers: What Causes Tune In will show you how to attract and retain listeners with clear, proven concepts.

In Chapter 2, we’ll show you how listeners respond to talent. We’ll share six key principles – the difference between “They talk too much” and “I just can’t get enough”.

Content SuperPowers: What Causes Tune In? is perfect for:

Management: Does your team understand how to attract and retain listeners? We provide conclusive data that shows how to do it on their terms, not outdated and unproven theories.

Programmers: Program your station with a new sense of the listener’s conscience with data to support your strategies. Now, you can win with confidence.

Personalities: When you know what works, you perform with purpose. We’ll show you how to build a show that  is exciting for the only people that count: the audience.

About the Content series: The research conducted covers all critical demographics (male and female, ages 15-54). It applies to personalities in all formats, music oriented and spoken word, and was conducted across multiple countries and cultures.

In other words: Everything in Content Superhero applies to your country, your company, your market(s), your cluster, your station, your show and your personalities. It’s a can’t miss series of training clinics that will give you a competitive advantage.

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Downloadable Resources

Content Superhero is the result of hundreds of research projects, evaluating thousands of pieces of audio with tens of thousands of listeners in all formats. We test actual breaks with actual listeners, tracking response moment by moment. We know when attention is earned and when it is lost.- and why Content Superhero is a joint venture of Tracy Johnson Media Group and Strategic Radio Solutions.

What You'll Learn:

  • What causes listeners to make their choices in entertainment?
  • And how can I get them to choose US more often?
  • Should I lock in specific times for features or rotate them through the show?
  • How much can we recycle content before worrying about burnout?
  • Do games and contests affect listening? Should we do more? Less?
  • Why GREED is one of the most powerful emotions to program to, and the surprising way you can capitalize.
  • Why your format execution and break structure may be killing your quarter hours.
  • Is it about the topics and content? Or about the personality delivering it?