Exclusive Webinar: Wise Brother Media

Exclusive Webinar: Wise Brother Media

You’ve heard the experts claim that the key to the future of broadcasting is content, but they never tell you what that means.

Until now.

This exclusive, ground-breaking study from Tracy Johnson Media Group and Strategic Radio Solutions shows you how listeners respond to on-air content, moment by moment.

After researching hundreds of pieces of personality-based content with tens of thousands of listeners, we know what works, and we’re sharing those findings with you in this exclusive presentation for Studio Think Tank members.

Join Tracy Johnson (TJMG), Hal Rood (SRS) and Danny Vigil from Studio Think Tank for this special members-only presentation.

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Content Superhero is the result of hundreds of research projects, evaluating thousands of pieces of audio with tens of thousands of listeners in all formats. We test actual breaks with actual listeners, tracking response moment by moment. We know when attention is earned and when it is lost.- and why Content Superhero is a joint venture of Tracy Johnson Media Group and Strategic Radio Solutions.

What You'll Learn:

  • Six things that cause tune out. The fastest way to grow ratings is to hang onto existing listeners longer. When you know exactly why listeners race for the scan button, your ratings can soar.
  • Six things that cause tune in. Learn the most effective methods to attract and retain listeners to convert them from casual listeners to fans.
  • How to create content that rocks! The logical, step-by-step process that can turbo-charge your show.